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Catch the new wave online marketing!


New Customer Acquisition has been the Key Business Objective of Digital for the last decade. Although Search revolutionized the Customer Acquisition Process, Social Media Advertising, Mobile and Display Technologies now play an important role.

The class includes key topics such as: Customer Acquisition, Brand Building, Information Dissemination, Cross Selling and Upselling through Community Creation. Additionally, the master class also covers ORM and Customer Service through Social Media Listening together with using Search and Social Analytics to understand and predict consumer behavior. The role of the Master Class is to deep dive into each of these Business Objectives and covers the latest use cases and best practices across these organizational goals.

Session 1: Role of Organic Search in Customer Acquisition

This Session will cover the Evolution of Organic Search and present the case for Optimizing the Web Presence instead of the older approach of Optimizing the Website to.

Key Topics:
• Evolution of SEO
• Nuances of Large Enterprise SEO
• Web Presence Optimization
• Tools and Technologies of SEO
• Measuring ROI from SEO

Session 2: Role of Paid Media in Customer Acquisition

This session will cover the Evolution of Search, Social and Mobile

Key Topics
• Paid Search Automation Technologies
• Re-Marketing and Search Retargeting
• Evolution in Social Advertising
• Mobile Advertising and potential of non-internet based Mobile Advertising

Session 3: Brand Building
Leveraging Content for Paid, Organic and Social Endeavor

This session shall focus on the Integral nature of a Content Creation Strategy for building a Brand through Digital. Content not only helps reducing costs of paid media but also helps to deliver ROI through Organic Search Rankings and superior engagements on Social Media. Content Promotion requires profile based display advertising, we shall also cover role of Media Exchanges in the same.

Key Topics
• Nuances of Digital as a Brand Building Platform
• Content as the Spinal Cord of this Approach
• Creating and Sustaining the Content Strategy
• Leverage that Content for Paid, Organic and Social Endeavor
• Promoting Content through Exchanges, DSPs and RTB based Display Media
• Measuring the ROI from Digital Brand Building

Session 4: Cross Selling and Upselling
Distinct Strategies required for each Social Media Platforms

This Session shall focus on Leveraging Social Platforms to Build, Sustain and Monetize a Community of the Target Audience. It shall bring into focus the Distinct Strategies required for Social Media Platforms such as FB, G+, Twitter, LinkedIn and YouTube

Key Topics
• Role of Social Media as a Multiplier for Cross Selling and Upselling
• Strategic Approach to Community Creation
• Strengths of Individual Platforms
• Strategy Nuances for Each Platform
• Case Studies of the Most Successful Community Creation through Social Platforms

Session 5: Understanding Consumer Trends / ORM / Customer Service
Deep dive into analytics that help you Understand your Consumer

Search engines are a database of Intent, while Social Media is a database of Action. Today, Social Media Listening has become an effective platform to not only understand Consumer Behavior and Predict Trends, but also for Customer Service.

Key Topics
• Evolution of Social Media Listening
• Its Role Beyond ORM
• Role of Analytics to Predict Consumer Trends
• Role of Social Media Listening to provide better Customer Service

Session 6: How to make it all work together

 Organizations need to transform themselves in order to truly leverage the Digital Age. It is not only about the Strategy, but also about the Digital Fitness of the Enterprise executing the Digital Endeavors. The role of the agency is that of a Sherpa -Walking with you and doing the Heavy Lifting when needed.

However, unless the organization increases its Digital Fitness across the organization, reaching the Summit shall not be possible.

Key Topics
• Things to remember while Executing Digital
• Importance of Selling Digital across the organization
• Steps for Increasing Digital Fitness across the organization


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